How can 360º imaging benefit you and your business? Let’s take a look at our Stadium Tour test case.

The first area of business to publish was the home of Salford Reds, the AJ Bell Stadium. Okay, I’ll say it now just to satisfy both rugby codes, Salford Reds (Rugby League) and Sale Sharks (Rugby Union) both play at the AJ Bell stadium. We have however tagged the images as Salford Reds Rugby League. We will add more tags soon to include Sale Sharks and evaluate the hit rate.

What are the benefits of creating a 360Touch Tour?

During a quiet period over Christmas 2018 we published 3 images on Google Maps and very quickly a few hundred hits were shown. To date we have over 7,000 hits. It’s important to point out that these hits are organic and not purchased as they have no business value. Organic hits are genuine views, customers searching online, finding your business with the intention of visiting or purchasing. They can check out your business online prior to visiting.

What services do we provide?

We capture images of the business, make small edit corrections, add the map point of the business so that  visitors and customers can find you. We then publish our results to the Google map platform.

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