Is your business on the map?

When searching for your business do you see another business in its place? Can you find your business? Many can search on the PC/Desktop and find businesses in Google search. This is okay if you only want customers to visit your website.

But what happens when a customer searches for you in Google Maps? Android and Mac iOS smartphones are the most popular devices for navigation, for finding locations whether businesses or tourist attractions. Is your business on Google maps?

When the directions to your business are in place can your customers ‘See Inside?’ Maybe they need to establish you are a ‘real’ business or want to check out your hotel or restaurant before booking a room or table. You can also attract customers with a small tour inside your Museum, Sports stadium or Tourism venue, increase social sharing and visitor numbers.

We offer two Google solutions; Google Maps for PC and Mac desktop and Google Street Maps for Android and iOS Smartphones.

Case Study: Buffalo Grill and Bar, Manchester

New and established businesses always need to make customers aware of where they are and the type of business they provide. We carried out the following services for Buffalo Grill and Bar:

• Created 360º Images    • Linked images to create a ‘Walkthrough’

• Added Google map points to locate the business   • Uploaded the Images to Google Street Maps

The Result : Customer Awareness, Increased Hits, More Business… 

The images above show the customers experience before and after the Buffalo Bar and Grill was added to Google Maps. Customers would be directed to a private house, maybe find somewhere else to eat and the business would lose out out on trade. Now they are on Google maps, they can be found immediately as the mapping point is right outside of Buffalo’s door. We add the images to Google maps which will also filter through to business desktop web searches.

Over 1,000 new hits per week have been achieved and this will continue to rise. Customers can also share the business link via social media which will in turn attract more customers. To date they have over 14,200 Google Map hits and over 13,000 desktop hits from the main image we captured.