How Deep is You Love?

Okay, it’s an eye catching title, but I suppose I’d like to know how deep is your love for 360 degree imaging?

We have a new solution that will help sales and marketing to present their images quickly. Not only is speed important but the immediate link to the image and all displayed in 360 degrees.

There is no software download, drivers or players – it just works!

Here is the scenario:

You want to promote a venue and impress the client at the same time. When you speak to a customer on the phone, they often ask “How big is the room, have you any sample images from different styles, different room decor/colours?” All of this can be answered however, wouldn’t it be easier to send a mailer with links?

Now you’re saying “We already do that..”

Okay maybe you do. However, we do things a little different at 360Touch. Click the mailer below and see where it goes…

What Happened?

When the mailer was clicked, it went to the website and opened a page BUT we go even deeper. The front of the tour page opens, when clicked the actual room of the venue opens. This is going INSIDE the 360Touch tour. This isn’t something normal or generally offered but we think it has many benefits.

First you may want to show the room to a client, so you can send them an image with the link embedded. This is an immediate result as they can see it straight away. Or you can create a mailer with an image and the link that we create with the code embedded. We can activate the tour to open automatically so there is no need to click the front page and the image will be seen immediately.

You are saving the customer time and trouble finding the image or room and a simple click will save sending instructions to where and how to find the image. The link takes them to your webpage, FINDS the 360Touch tour, delves inside the 360Touch tour and pulls up the image – in seconds!

What’s the point?

Well, first it prevents any delay for the customer trying to find images or even where your 360Tour is placed on your web page. You can directly target a room or venue space that you want to promote. When they are viewing the 360Touch tour they spend more time viewing the image. There are also more buttons for them to explore, relevant to the venue, so new customers will see more links in your 360Touch tour.

Analytics and Results

We do this to help increase business otherwise there would be no point.

One of our customers wanted to bring attention to his business, we produced 45,000 hits. “About a month after we had the images uploaded we definitely had an increase in business and have recently employed 2 more staff” said the Restaurant owner.

“We have sold conferences for 2020 and are very pleased with the high quality images and service” was the view from a Hotel General Manager.

“Our customers are impressed they can see inside the hotel.” They spend an average of 22 minutes viewing their 360Tour!

To Summarise:

  • Immediate 360 images displayed to promote a specific room/venue
  • 360 Images impress customers and more time is spent viewing
  • More Room Styles can be shown and added at a later date
  • Send links out in your Mailer and also via Social Media will increase your traffic
  • More Hotel room bookings are made when viewed in 360
  • Google Analytics will show where your customers take a Virtual Walk!
  • Viewing time, Rooms, Links etc will be shown in Google Analytics
  • More sales can be close
  • p.s. this isn’t Google 360 – it’s more!

Christmas and New Year is an ideal time to have your venue captured, enabling you to promote throughout the year. More images can be added at a later date to show the style of the room.

What do we offer?

  • We capture the 360Images
  • Create a Customised Interface and build a 360Touch tour
  • Add your Google ID for Analytics – we can set this up for you if required
  • Create the code and convert the text link for image embedding
  • We also offer hosting solutions

For further information contact me directly for pricing:

Product Name: 360TouchMailer