Tee Off!

Here is the Golf360Touch demo.

Click the Map Symbol to the right and you will see the ball on the tee. Click the ball and it will move to each point around the course. When the map is on you can click the red hotspots to move and change the view with the directional radar.

The icons can be hidden but we have left them on show so you can see the functions on-screen.

Your logo can be inserted, the map shows the current hole being played, the flag resets you to the beginning and the Pro Golfer Video button is an option where you can advise on the shot and lay of the course.

The Dining Symbol takes you to the Club House which is setup as a Wedding venue. We have to take into account that you may wish to show off your facilities to attract additional reveue.

There is lots more you can add: text on each shot, the video clips from the pros, the pro shop, links to your email and website. We can even replcae the opening image with a flyover of your club and course!

There is an APP version available or you can play via your website to iOS or Android devices. The bonus of using our solution is the high resolution images. This enables you to play on large screens and digital screens, especially useful when promoting your facilities at exhibitions.

All of our images are ‘real’ photographic, not the computerised CGI, we capture using high resolution sensors and customised rigs.

Check it out and call us for pricing.

Play Safe, Stay safe!

Click to Tee Off!

Click here and experience our Golf360Touch demo. Contact us for pricing.

Thank you!