The Business Tour Promotion is designed to enable you to show your business using 360 degree imaging technology. Customers are demanding more visuals from hospitality, conference, sports venues and retail businesses. It’s beneficial to use 360 images as Google bots search for them. They are especially useful when placed in Tours and GSV enabling more customers to find your business.

What do you get and how will it work? 

  • Interface Design – Your company image, branding and logo, with website link.
  • Playable via your Website, Mac/PC, iPhone/Android, iPad/Tablet and Digital Signage.
  • Android APP – Free download via your site, Distribute free – no extra charges!
  • Images: A choice of captures Inside and Outside.
  • Share buttons direct from the interface to Twitter/Facebook.
  • Analytics – check your statistics using your Google and Twitter ID.

Engage your customers – with a FREE Android App

The free APP will help you to market to a wider audience and enables your customers to view the  Business Tour without the need for an internet connection. The tour can be used to promote Hotels, Conference and Wedding venues, Car interiors, Sport stadiums, Golf, Museums, Retail shops, Manufacturing, Tourism and Visitor attractions.

At the moment every business is counting costs so we have made a reduction during this period  to help.

The Business Promotion Tour includes 3 Months FREE hosting, including seamless software updates and maintenance.

Call us to book your tour M. 07863 116150 Office. 0161 850 3590

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