What is a Virtual Event?

2020 has presented us with many challenges, restricting customers from travelling and visiting Open days and Exhibitions. You need to show your products, continue to build business, keep contact with customers and it’s always good to put a face to a name!


‘LIVE’ Chat & Guided Tour

Our solution is to design, create assets and host your Virtual Event that enables you to introduce and present your business and products, and close sales online. You can do this by maintaining contact using our built-in LIVE CHAT (Video Conference) solution. 

When you are using LIVE CHAT and talking to a customer you can control their computer and walk them around the stand. This is great as you can point out new products, show them where the video screens are and downloadable brochures. Most of all it’s an opportunity to close deals!

Choose to host an Open Day, Exhibition or even a permanent Virtual Space to keep your products and business at your customers fingertips.


Virtual Event Types 

Exhibition – Invite customers to see new products. A great way to capture your audience and focus on sales over a 2~3 days event. 

Open Day – Run a 1 day event to catchup with new and existing customers. Where keeping contact and maintaining a personal service is important.

Virtual Space – Ideal for businesses that have many products. This can remain live and be your  showroom, manufacturing space, even a space where your customers can walk round and have a factory tour! The design of the space will be customised.



  • Reach out to a wider audience remotely.
  • Put a face to the name, more personalised business relationship.
  • Time saving; save travelling, build and approval time.
  • Cost saving; exhibition space, stand construction, graphics printing, brochure printing, delivery costs, lighting, electric, travel, hotel rooms and associated costs are eliminated.
  • Instant decisions; face to face LIVE Chat will encourage decisions to place orders.
  • New products can be introduce at ANY time of the year! You don’t have to wait for exhibitions.
  • Members of staff can operate from the office and working from home.