5 Years Ago Today!

Today I was doing a bit of housekeeping, no not with a duster, cleaning away files from my Mac.

This really shocked me as it’s 5 years today that I won a Top 100 Camera Blog Award!

A great achievement – here is the story behind it.

Cambo is a traditional camera manufacturer, based in the Netherlands, they had a website, but nothing more to promote their products. As I’m based in the UK they paid me a retainer to develop their business and as I needed to get their equipment into the market and deliver results –  a blog would be the best way forward.

For those interested, my friends at Sony came 68th and I came 32nd in the list! I was pretty pleased with that result! 

All of my stories were created from scratch, hits increased, but more importantly Global business. One blog for the Ford Fusion shoot generated so much business that cameras and lenses sold out for months. Bear in mind each camera, valued at $10,000, would need a digital back – worth $25~30,000!

In the beginning the company didn’t see the value, they didn’t really want a blog, until they saw the activity and sales. I continued to write for them until December 2018 and agreed a sale/handover with the content.

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