Stay Connected!

Last night we experienced a major mobile network failing many customers. Although the system was back up and running in 24 hours it reminded us that you can stay connected with 360Touch tours as we don’t solely rely on the internet.

360 Touch Tour USB Memory Stick

Did you know we can supply your 360Touch tour on a USB memory stick? This is pretty cool for a number of reasons.

  • Auto-Play in your Hotel or Venue
  • Swappable with new images and data
  • Plug and Play with Auto start-up
  • Ideal for use on large screens when promoting at Exhibitions
  • Plug into your PC to present to clients

Other options (which are pretty useful to know about…)

  • Licensed player available for iPad and iPhone (no internet connection required)
  • 360Touch tour for Oculus Go and Oculus Quest VR headsets

Oh…. And did I mention ALL the above WITHOUT an Internet connection!

Hosted Server

Our 360Touch tours are hosted locally, in fact Manchester UK with redundancy. Redundancy means if a server disconnects another will switch on and keep your tour active.

Coming soon…

Windows/Android App. Now this will work a little different from traditional Apps. Normally you will have to go online and buy from google Play (formerly Android Market.) Call us for more information about this as it’s a pretty exciting option to offer your clients.

Realistically… nothing is ever 100% but if you keep your tech kit up to date the offline solutions will continue working. Hosted solutions with redundant servers are pretty reliable today, stable and inexpensive. But just in case you can always have your 360Touch tour on a USB stick!

For further information contact us directly for pricing:

Product Name: 360Touch Connected